Madhumani nursing home was established in NANDYAL, and prime objectives are to keep abreast of advances made in the ENT field and pioneer hitherto unavailable treatment methods in India. More importantly, Madhumani Nursing Home strives to introduce research-oriented diagnostic & therapeutic ENT practices in India, and make treatment affordable & available to the masses.
Founder, director & chief consultant, Dr.Madhusudan is the head of the department and specializes in micro ear & nasal endoscopic sinus surgery. He retains a consolidated experience of 20 years in his chosen field.
He has presented numerous papers & articles, and served as panel member & faculty at various conferences & workshops conducted in India.
One of the best and the largest private Ear, Nose & Throat Hospitals (ENT) in Nandyal,Kurnool Dist IndiaMadhumani Nursing home Hospital is known for its care and treatment at the hands of eminent surgeons and skilled staff in addition to exceptional service and friendly atmosphere.
The Hospital is highly equipped with operation theatres catering to various ENT & Head and Neck Operations. The Out patient Department caters to necessary investigations. Madhumani Nursing Home is an integrated ENT Centre and offers round-the-clock specialist services. .


Endoscopic Surgery